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these two tho

I want him to come back.



Can I just ask many Swan Queen shippers a question? And before I say this please don’t think i’m generalising amongst all of you, because I’m not only a few posts I’ve seen that has unfortunately been growing. Robin Hood hate.

What I don’t understand is that we all love Regina, and we all want…

I don’t hate Robin Hood. And I totally ship Regina with happiness. But I don’t care for how OQ has been pushed on this show.

First off, for me, shipping SQ is shipping Regina with happiness. Regina/Emma/Henry coming together as a family is the most beautiful outcome I can imagine on this show.  Another ship arriving in the harbor doesn’t just invalidate SQ’s three seasons of amazing development, so I’m going to continue rooting for them just as hard as I always have.
Now to discuss OQ itself. For me, it seems rather dull from a storytelling perspective. To start, it is so incredibly rushed. It’s obvious that they threw this storyline together in a hurry. Remember how they made a big deal about bringing the focus of the show back to the core characters, using Robin Hood’s episode as a specific example of that (i.e. Robin was supposed to only appear for one episode to support Rumbelle’s development)? Yeah, that obviously didn’t last…
And we know they invented this romance story on the spot because A) they didn’t bother to lock in the original actor and had to recast and B) the tattoo was retconned (it was NOT on his arm in his first appearance). So it’s not like this was some epic romance that they planned from the beginning. Not to mention they had to kill off Marian to make it work (even though the whole point of his first episode was to SAVE her). That also notably makes it the first classic storybook couple on OUAT who did NOT get their happily ever after. (though this may all be a moot point if Marian makes a return)
As someone who honestly believes SQ is endgame, I think the main reason they brought OQ into it at all is so Regina would have a love interest while Emma dealt with Neal/Hook. Because no matter what side characters they brought in for Emma, as long as there was no competition for Regina’s affections, SQ was the obvious endgame (and they wouldn’t want to spoil their greatest twist!). Now that OQ is happening (even if it’s temporary), it does serve the added purpose of letting Regina open her heart again to love. That’s all well and good! BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s a particularly engaging or well-written ship. 
Which leads me back to the rushed aspect of OQ. There is really very little for me to get excited about with this ship. The only reason we have to believe that it might be True Love is because we were TOLD that by some pixy dust. I don’t know about the rest of the fandom, but I like my romances to develop naturally—SHOW ME why they should be together, don’t just TELL ME I have to accept something without letting them even get to know each other. And what we HAVE seen has left me rather cold.
In FTL, at best, Robin saved Regina once (how many times has Emma saved Regina now?) and talked for five minutes about life/family (compare that to all the Swan-Mills family bonding). At worst, he was about to kill her, and after three months of zero onscreen interaction, she wanted him out of the castle (he also suggested the night-root to David). Not a very strong recommendation.
In Storybrooke, we’ve seen them interact a total of five occsaions, and they didn’t exactly reassure me about OQ’s potential:
1) He almost shot her in the face, and decided alcohol from the WW’s stash during the middle of an investigation was a good way/time to approach a woman
2) They meet again, he offers her a drink again, she turns him down.
3) He spied on her in the woods, and stole what was obviously a private and personal letter.
4) He watched over her heart (yay!)…when there was no real danger from the WW/Rumple who were busy waiting for Regina (oh…). She honestly could have just left the heart in a hole in the ground, and it would have been fine. She definitely should have hid it herself instead of entrusting it to him the second time.
5) He just lost her heart. Now, I don’t blame him at all for choosing Roland over the heart, but that entire scenario was just terrible to begin with. Regina was a fool for entrusting the heart to someone who could be coerced into giving it away (yet she was smart enough to enchant it so it couldn’t be possessed? real consistent writing there!). And it’s weird that she kisses this relative stranger, when really all he’s accomplished is putting her life (and the lives of everyone in town) at risk. It doesn’t help that she was partially goaded into action by Zelena of all people (Jane Espenson confirmed it that did play a part in Regina’s decision).
Speaking of goading, that brings me to the issue of choice. Choice is a HUGE part of Regina’s story. For much of her life she was forced or manipulated into truly awful situations, mainly by Cora and Rumple. And her love life is an especially touchy subject considering Daniel was murdered and she was forced to marry Leopold. So the fact that she has been told YET AGAIN that this is someone she is supposed to pursue (yes that is what Tinkerbell is saying), is rather upsetting. What Regina is hearing is: “This is your soulmate, your one-and-only chance at happiness, and if you don’t go after him your life will be just as miserable as it was the first time you turned him down in the EF, and you’d also be ruining his life as well—lol but no pressure! it’s totally your choice!” When faced with something like that, do you think Regina really feels she has the option of saying “no”? 
Now, perhaps if Regina had seen the tattoo after they’d started pursuing a natural relationship, I would have been more open to this predetermined “soul-mates” business. But the way the story is going now, that pixy dust is constantly hovering in Regina’s mind. Is she going after him because she truly likes him, or because the pixy dust told her to? And what if things go sour? What if Robin was connected to the WW (I could make a whole other post about his potentially shady behavior, especially considering the WW has manipulated ALL the other main characters so far)? What if Marian comes back? What if it’s just not that great of a relationship? Does Regina stick around forever because she thinks this is the only chance at happiness she’ll ever have? And who says that pixy dust means anything after 35 years? Robin was able to find love and family with Marian and Roland. Regina has certainly changed immensely since the days of her youth. Why should we automatically believe that just because they were compatible back in the day, that would still be assured today? These are the kinds of issues I have with OQ and the pixy dust story.
Now set all that next to SQ, which has been organically developing for three seasons, which can be everything OQ is and far more. Look at the countless signs of SQ being an epic endgame couple: their magic, taking a heated rivalry and turning that into a beautiful family, the fact that these two characters were the very foundation of the show itself. And take a look at SWEN, who through all that has been fighting tooth and nail for even the tiniest bit of recognition. Now look back at OQ, riddled with holes, yet handed to the fandom on a silver platter in less than half a season. To me, there’s just no comparison. 
Robin and OQ aren’t my cup of tea, but if they work for you that’s A-OK! I’ll just be over here enjoying SQ. =)

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It’s exactly all the reasons I am not convinced by Robin or OQ. Very well stated. Even if I didn’t like SQ I still wouldn’t buy Robin and Regina’s relationship.

Anonymous asked: I feel like if OQ had been well-developed and less OOC-omg-hi-lets-make-out-bc-tattoo, I would have actually liked it... So on top of the fact that it's just incredibly strange right now, I feel like there's a lot of wasted potential for what could have been an interesting relationship, and that drives me insane, especially since I mainly watch the show for Regina at this point. I just wanted to know if any of you share these sentiments or if you're entirely against it...?


We are entirely, completely and utterly against it – for the exact reasons you just listed, dear Anon. For some inexplicable reason they decided to pull this story out of their asses two (and a half?) years into the show’s run, and pace it like it is going to end tomorrow. Not to mention Regina Mills’ painfully glaring OOC-ness (don’t know about you, but I found myself wondering “yeah lady, you look bewitchingly good and your voice is sexy as hell, but that’s about where similarities with my favourite OuaT character end“ way too often during this season), combined with plotholes that make this once great show worse than Swiss cheese, as well as massive retconning incidents that are starting to be IQ-insulting. All tools used to make these romances (OQ and CS) work? Well, the ratings are telling enough, had they enough brain to get over their hubris and admit that it is now evident that it was never romances that got people hooked onto their show, back in S1. It was characters.

While yes, this one could have been good. We have written here at length about reasons why (retconning, ridiculously warped pacing, as well as a horrendously atrocious casting choice - aside) the two of them were/are basically incompatible. But had they constructed it all a little differently (like a little a lot) and had they developed him (giving him background, depth and a character that he sorely lacks - being simply lazily copy/pasted from old lore, as they obviously expected us to accept him as just who/what he is?) and introduced the two of them like, I don’t know - maybe in the beginning, two years ago - if nothing, than to show us the soulmate thing instead of telling it via fairydust and instant family? Then they would’ve had all the time in the world to make it organic and credible - by of course showing (instead of I dunno, shoving?) it. Could’ve started by toying with that animosity/enemies/attraction thing (giving it purpose, and actual dynamic via sparks, not spittle), then deepening their connection into something more profound (like I don’t know - building understanding, trust and respect) and maybe even need (why they’d actually be complementing each other, like - needing family, and home?) and yeah, THEN maybe they could do the “omg, soulmates!” thing. You know, not unlike how they’ve steadfastly been developing her ‘relationship’ (from whichever standpoint you look at it) with Emma friggin’ Swan?

(But yeah, yeah, that was unintentional. Because they can’t seem to intentionally write a good, plausible and from a female perspective non-insulting romance, to save their lives? But I digress. Apologies.)

So to answer your question, I can’t speak for all of my blog-partners here (and to be honest, for the same reasons listed above some of them would probably tell you that there already is a background developed for Regina’s possible romance, and it started with “I found my real mom!”, and due to it being the only organic (non)romance in this show, can you blame them?) but I personally would’ve been very much open to it. Hell, yes. Because for all intents and purposes, Robin Hood should/could/would have been a great addition to the character list in general, not just as a LI. Personally, I do ship Regina ‘with happiness’ (yeah, I’m the one that writes those militant “Regina’s happiness is her son, and I’d be happiest to see her as a distinguished old lady in an epilogue, sitting under her apple tree and reading fairytales to a pile of her teeny grandchilren” posts :) but NOT at the cost of her…everything else, really. Choice, integrity and basic personality.

Had they actually planned this romance from the get go of course, and gave it an actual chance. Instead of making us all scratch our heads in an ”ok, if he’s not shady and there isn’t that trust/betrayal twist, and he’s just that, a silly, bland LI - soooo… doesn’t she deserve better after all this time?” and wondering if it’s their sheer arrogance, or pandering to (what they chose as) target audience for the ratings - that’s making them oblivious to the drastic quality-writing drop? And as you pointed out, ultimately - all that wasted potential.

So it all goes into the coulda, woulda, shoulda territory now. Unfortunately.


"Love, true love, is magic. And not just any magic; the most powerful magic of all.”


For Swan Queen shipers <3


Regina facing her dead mother

AU - Regina is successful in putting herself under her sleeping curse after returning to The Enchanted Forest. She finds her way into the burning room only to discover that she’s not as alone as she thought she’d be under this curse. Henry, who’s memories of this place are now gone (along with his memories of her) is there with her, and is now reliving all of his fears of this “new nightmare”. But just like the first time, Regina intends to protect Henry and keep him safe anyway she can.

Every night he returns to the room and every night she’s there waiting for him. She tells him stories, bedtime stories that he reminds her he’s far too old for (though he listens and loves every one) of better places. Of a Queen and a Little Prince and the adventures they shared and the “Happily Ever Afters” they had.

They spend a year like this, keeping each other company and getting to know one another, until the day when he finally finds her.

OMG I want this to be real

TLK works only if two people REMEMBER EACH OTHER. And they need to BE IN LOVE for it to work. They BOTH need to feel it. Robin and Regina are NOT IN LOVE (yet), just because she knows he’s her soulmate doesn’t mean she loves him deeply. There also needs to be magic involved, sleeping curse etc. Are you people watching this show or you are only paying attention to certain things?

Remember when Snow kissed Charming after taking that potion. She didn’t love him or remember him but she kissed him after he jumped in front of that arrow so that Snow wouldn’t become a murderer. With that kiss the spell broke. So I think that what has to happen is that they have to have been in love before the spell/curse and it has to be a voluntary kiss between the two. That’s why I don’t think OQ are true love (at least not yet).

It’s also why it didn’t work with Emma and Hook either, because it was a stolen kiss and she still hasn’t developed true love feelings for him.


It’s about how it started and ended with Snow. A lot of shit happened, their history became horrific, lots of misplaced blame and hate, but Regina chose Snow over her mother. Over the abusive mother she never could and never dared to truly stand up to without being pulled back in. Until now.

I feel like for her own closure, it was important for Regina to have the chance to say No, mother, I won’t let you win.

I can just imagine how many times as a child Cora hit Regina for saying no to her, standing up to herself. So much that Regina ultimately gave up, and gave in to her fear of her mother, wanting to be loved and accepted by her. So sad :(

I was so happy to see her finally face her mother, but equally saddened by the fact that Cora still physically and emotionally hurt her when all Regina wanted was to talk to her.