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Hook’s vs. Regina’s apology to Belle.

nicely illustrates these characters redemption. Or better Hook’s poorly written “redemption”.


The scene I’ve been waiting for, for the past 2 years.


Leopold married Regina knowing who she was, his ex-lover’s 17-18 year old daughter.
Leopold was intrusive on her privacy because Cora before her kept secrets from him, and he did not like that.
Leopold was adamant that she not have an affair because in his eyes, Regina was proxy-Cora, the person who betrayed his trust.
Leopold treated Regina like property/a common nanny as pseudo-payback for being tricked or whatever by a miller’s daughter.

Leopold is a sick dog.


Belle + finally standing up for herself

But seriously. There is so much to talk about here. Belle has been through a lot and I am glad it is finally being acknowledged. 

And can we talk about Regina’s sincere apology in comparison to Hook’s half-assed attempt at saying sorry?

this, foreshadow?


Belle  (◡‿◡✿)


#hahaha i’m fine #there’s just some snow queen in my eyes


I couldn’t help myself.  Gif Credit (x) (x)

OMG that episode

This is why I love Jane Espenson.

I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll list things as I think of them.

  1. Ghost Cora was scary, like I was seriously creeped out by her. It was done so well and all those scenes were so grand.
  2. While I loved Ghost Cora I was deeply bothered by the fact that not only has Regina suffered enough abuse from her mother while she was alive but she also had to go through an insane amount of abuse by Cora in ghost form. She was shoved, and super slapped (in the face) by her ghost mother. It was so sad.
  3. Young Cora was so innocent but so ambitious, and it was this combination that messed everything up for her. She was, is, and will always be a terrible mother. Giving up Zelena to give herself her best chance (at becoming Queen) is one of the worst things any parent can do. Not to mention that years later she decides to marry poor Regina off to her ex fiance. 
  4. Leopold is a good guy tricked by Eva (that b…), but we now know he married Regina knowing exactly who she was, or who her mother was, and that is sick.
  5. The Regina and Snow scenes, so many emotions. I couldn’t handle it, I loved it. "I wont let you go", "If she wants to kill you she’s gonna have to go through me" ♥♥
  6. Emma playing with her magic, adorable.
  7. Snow saying that Regina feels the most out of anyone she knows, with or without her heart. So basically Regina has the biggest heart out of any, it just happens to also be the most damaged.
  8. The OQ kiss was not so bad. Not because I liked it, but because it literally gave me no reaction, I don’t know if that is good or bad. There is just no good emotional build up to it.
  9. The make-out between Rumple and Zelena on the other hand made my skin crawl. I almost threw up. This is soo not a family show anymore.


  •  I found it funny how Regina is wearing that really blue dress in the opening scene, and the next day Emma is wearing a blue shirt of the same exact shade of blue.
  • "shh" - the little one eyed look she gives Regina.
  • It is now cannon that Regina, Emma, and Henry have three of the strongest hearts on this show. Nice.
  • That was it, I guess :(

Theories (?)

  • Anyone else catch the lion emblem on the fake prince Jonathan handkerchief? It’s the same as Robin’s. Here is this guy who Cora just met and is already asking for marriage, it’s too good to be true, then she tells him he took her heart, then she accuses him of being a thief. Maybe I’m reaching but that felt so much like Robin and Regina, only it turned out very badly for Cora. Robin and Regina have known each other for a extremely brief time in Storybrooke (3-5 days to be exact) and she has given him her heart and kissed him. We have only had 2 episodes with them in FTL, we have no idea what happened between them in the past year, who says it was good? He gave up her heart (and I completely understand the reason), then does nothing else in the rest of the episode. When Regina goes to him at the end he promises to get her heart back, but it sounded so much like an empty promise. Like something you say to excuse yourself, or to show how sorry you are. He does not have the capability to do so (not alone at least). ——- I don’t mean to hate on Robin but his hiding place for Regina’s heart was the ground….Regina could have done that. In fact she’s done it twice. I just have a bad feeling about this relationship, things just don’t add up for me, maybe I’m paranoid. BUT how did Zelena know Robin had Regina’s heart? that is either a terribly huge error or it was done on purpose. Should we be wondering who that flying monkey is? He actually showed jealousy over Zelena’s feelings for Rumple. We have Robin giving up Regina’s heart, then we don’t see him again until the end of the episode. I keep remembering this exchange - "show yourself you winged freak" (Robin steps out and shoots arrow at Regina)
  •         I know people who ship OQ are going to just go “oh well she’s just saying this cause she ships SQ”, and ignore whatever I say. I assure you it is not because of that, I am first and foremost an evil regal.  But if you want to think that go ahead, these are just theories.

I’m sorry, Belle. I really, really am.


One of my all time favourite Xena vids. I love it. I love it hard.